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 1.  Who invented this game?

      Owners of Tirene Enterprise.

 2.  How many days will I need to wait for

      my JazzUp! or  I-juara to reach me?

      Within 2 weeks.


3.   How do I make my payment?

      Through Paypal or credit card.

4.  Can I pay by Cash On Delivery (COD)?


5.  Can I return the product upon receiving it?



1.  What are the objectives of using 

     JazzUp! ?

      a) To spark interest in the learning English.

     b) To encourage students to expand

          their vocabulary and improve their

          spelling skills.

     c) To create a conducive and stimulating

         environment for the learning of English.


2.  Is JazzUp! a kind of flash card?

     a) NO. It is a special type of word

         building game.

     b) It is a motivational and educational

         word game.


3.  Is JazzUp! a type of teaching aid for

     teaching English?

     a) Yes. It is a unique type of teaching aid.


4.  Is JazzUp! suitable for 21st Century


        a) Yes. It is a 100% hands-on teaching aid.

      b) It encourages and enhances the 4C skills.

          (Creativity, Critical Thinking, 

           Collaboration, Communication).

          The teacher is the

          facilitator of the class.


5.  Is JazzUp! suitable for my weak


        a) Yes. In fact, weak students find it fun

           and exciting. It is a fresh change from

          their normal routine.

     b) It is suitable for all students. There are

         3 different ways (3 variations) to play

         the game. Each variation has 3

         different levels of difficulty.


6.  What are the 3 variations of

     JazzUp! game?

       a)  Line Up Game: play 15 cards in

           5 minutes. (Intermediate Level)

      b)  Crossword Game: play 15 cards

           in 7 minutes. (Intermediate Level)

      c)  Line Up or Crossword Game with

           no time limit. (free play)


7.  What are the 3 different levels of


     (The levels of difficulty are determined

      by the number of cards and the

      time limit)


     a) Basic Level: 

         i)  LINE UP GAME:

             Number of  cards: 15.

             Time limit: 6 minutes.

         ii) CROSSWORD GAME:

             Number of cards: 15.

             Time limit: 8 minutes.


     b) Intermediate Level:

         i)  LINE UP GAME:

             Number of cards: 15.

             Time limit: 5 minutes.

         ii) CROSSWORD GAME:

             Number of cards: 15.

             Time limit: 7 minutes.


     c) Advanced Level:

         i)  LINE UP GAME:

             Number of cards: 20.

             Time limit: 5 minutes.

         ii) CROSSWORD GAME:

             Number of cards: 20.

             Time limit: 7 minutes.


8.  How many students should there

     be in each group when playing


     a) There should be 2 to 6 students

         per group.

     b) However, to reap the maximum

         benefits of the game, the best

         option is 4.


9.  Is JazzUp! suitable for primary

     or secondary school students?

      a) It is suitable for both primary

          and secondary school students.

      b) It can be played by students

          from Standard 1 to Form 6!


10. Are you sure the students are

      interested in a card game?

       a) Yes. Definitely. Students in many

            schools have already played JazzUp!

            and found the game fun and interesting.           


       b)  Teachers have commented  that

             it is a very absorbing and

            engaging game for students.


11. How much time do I need to

      prepare for the game?

      a) Once you know the rules,

          not much time is needed.

      b) It takes 5 to 10 minutes to

          prepare the students to

          play the game.


12. The duration of each period

       is only 30 minutes. Thus,

       is it suitable for my class?

      a) Yes. JazzUp! is a fast-paced

          game, specially created for

          classroom use. Each game

          takes only 5 to 7 minutes.

          If teachers manage the class

          well, students can play 3 to

          4 games in one period.


13. What types of situations are

      suitable to use JazzUp!?

      a) English lessons.

      b) Co-curriculum activities for

          the English Society and

          other societies.

      c) Activities for motivational

          camps and other types

          of camps.

      d) Activities in the library.

      e) Activities for Counselling


      f) Relief classes.

      g) It is an effective activity

          for Highly Immersive

          Programme . (HIP)

      h) Post PT3 activities.


14. Suggested activities for

      the teacher:

       a) "Jazz Up Your English "


       b) Students play the game

           regularly, for example,

            weekly or monthly.

       c) Players’ scores are recorded

           in a name list and displayed

           on the class notice board.

           (Have a Gantt Chart)

       d) Students who show

           improvement after a few

           months are rewarded/praised.

       e) Organize competitions for your

            class or between classes to

            find the JazzUp! Champion

        f)  Organize competitions at

            school level.

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